Tempest: comparison of values

Comparison of values is required to see whether the sensors are within margin relative to the specified characteristics.
Not only relative to other sensors in the configuration, but also related to available references.

Tempest-configuratieAddition of Tempest_PWS is an aspect resulting from the age of my WS7000-PWS, in combination with the limitations of TFA_Nexus_PWS.
A 'problem-solving' solution is addition of a complete, modern PWS to the present configuration:
after validation roles are shifted, with Tempest becoming primary PWS and TFA_Nexus and WS7000 as complementary/assisting PWSes (or disappearing).

The info for display of the Tempest_PWS now temporarily appears via 6 external weblinks:
- the Weatherflow-stationwebsite,
- from that a related WU-link, followed by Meteotemplate
- parallel a linked variant of the PWS-Dashboard,
- the local WeeWX-software generates from the locally received UDP-messages a WeeWX-Dashboard,
- that WeeWX software also experimentally performs direct uploads to WeatherCloud and WUnderground.
The user has no influence on the Tempest-display for the first 3 weblinks running through the Weatherflow-server.
The data feeding the 3 WeeWX-weblinks can be locally adjusted, as required for calibration.

Linking to&from the 'System' is next step of integration.

First phase of that integration is reading from Weatherflow via JSON-call and by data-reading by Domoticz from the WU-link.
After extraction of data an export/upload to AWEKAS_Stationsweb
incl. the required calibration-corrections.

The next Experimental comparisons are aimed at mutual alignment of sensor-data.
Periodic comparison at a timeline for significant sensors of the TFA_Nexus_PWS and WS7000_PWS and of selected light-sensors.
For the new posibility to view lightning strikes, a timeline-comparison has been added relative to Tempest's meteo-sensors.
Mind the aspect of RRDTool that scaling is automatic and that rain/24hour for < 1mm is shown on a scale of 0m ~ 999m.

All T&H-, Rain- en Wind-sensors as "out of the box" [with rain gauges of Nexus en WS7000 locally checked for flow].
Air pressure elaboratedly checked against KNMI AWS_Twente, resulting in alignment for Nexus and WS7000.
Light&UV compared with online calculation models, and plausibly aligned.

Vergelijk_Temp Vergelijk_Vocht Vergelijk_Regen Vergelijk_Druk

Vergelijk_Licht Vergelijk_UV Vergelijk_Ontladingen

In the (dutch-language) sections describing experiments with light-sensors and wind-sensors an elaborate discussion on the required corrections and alignments.

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